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Welcome to the automated bill payment system, secured and operated by PayDQ for Ntec Cable. You may view and pay your bill using electronic check, Visa, or Mastercard.

The information you submit on this site is secure and will be kept confidential. All communications between you and PayDQ are encrypted using Secure Sockets technology and strong security procedures are maintained and monitored in our processing center. We safeguard any personal information you may supply and do not share it.

Payments made via eBill will post the next business banking day. Our office will not be able to confirm payments until the next business banking day. All Sales Are Final.

New user? Click for registration instructions

Please read the following registration instructions

You will need your Ntec bill to register. To begin, click on the Pay Ntec Cable button (above) and then click on Register Now.

register now
You will now be asked to provide a Service Account number and a Security Code.
register now

Use your 10 digit Account Number for Service Account and then enter your “Security Code” using the numerals 289 along with the last four characters in the section highlighted in green below. In the example below, the code would be 2894567.  If you do not have a main number listed contact our office at 715-672-4204.


Now you can continue the registration process. If you have any questions, or would like assistance in setting this up, please call our office at 715-672-4204.

Want to pay via text message? Click here to register

If you have not registered for eBill, please do so and then follow these instructions

Login to your eBill account and select Setup SMS Payments
SMS image 1

Payment Method - Select your payment method from the drop down. If you do not have a payment method set up select Add Payment Method

Cell Phone Number - add the number you want your SMS Message sent.

Authorization terms – needs to be flagged then select Setup SMS Payments.

SMS image 2
The SMS Payment Status will now display "ON."
SMS image ON

Once this is set up your account has to go through a billing before you receive your first SMS (Text) Message.

You will receive a text message on the cell phone number you provided that would look similar to the example below.

SMS image 3

You will then reply Yes and amount you want to pay example (yes 171.56)

You cannot just reply Yes – you have to put YES and the amount otherwise the system does not know what your payment amount is so it will not make a payment.

Once payment is made, you will receive another text with your confirmation number.

"Confirmation Number for your NTEC payment is 181588930 (example number)"

You will also receive a confirmation email if you have an email address set up in eBill.

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